Questions & Answers

  1. Who is eligible to participate?

Everyone is invited to participate in this hackathon, especially if you have a keen interest in adding voice into an application. The Alan Platform is geared for developers at any stage in their career (as well as hobbyists) who have at least some knowledge of JavaScript.

2. What is the cost to participate in the hackathon?

Participants do not need to pay anything to submit their applications for the hackathon.
No additional costs, only rewards, and an amazing experience!

3. How do I submit my project?

Make sure the app is submitted through Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Fill out the Submission Form

4. Who do I contact for any help or questions?

Send us your questions and feedback to our Slack Channel or email us at

You can also send a DM or tweet us on Twitter.

5. What is Alan AI?

Alan AI is a platform that offers developers of any skill level to embed a conversational user experience into their existing application in a matter of days without doing any cloud or AI work. By deploying a voice assistant with Alan, developers can offer their app users a complete, hands-free experience with seamless transition.

Here is a short video about Alan: Alan Platform Brief Overview