hackathon for voice-enabled applications

Make a difference with your voice-enabled application in the Voice AI Hackathon!

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Hackathon Format:



Basic Javascript Knowledge

Due Date:

Not set

Submission Requirements:

Voice-enabled apps using Alan which are published to the App Store or Google Play store, or voice-enabled websites.


Alan AI is the world’s first platform that enables you to augment your applications with Voice and Artificial Intelligence.

Your task for the competition is to add a voice assistant to an existing application (an original, existing application, or open-source application) using the Alan Platform.

You’ll be challenged by researching and exploring new and original use cases for voice assistants in existing apps. You will get guidance and support from Alan experts and developers to help you solve a real-world problem by enabling voice and a seamless user experience. During the hackathon, you will leverage Alan’s Platform and the latest methodologies to learn more about integrating voice and AI. We are incredibly excited to see what you’ll build with Alan!

Participation Benefits

  • The top submissions of voice-enabled apps will be awarded and featured

  • Certificates for winners and all participants!

  • Network with Alan leaders and developers from around the world!

  • Understand Alan’s Platform and the latest technologies

  • Learn how Voice and Artificial Intelligence can be integrated into any enterprise application


Eligibility Requirements

The Hackathon is open to

  • Individuals who consider themselves as developers and makers

  • Teams of Individuals of maximum 3 developers

Submission Requirements

  • Fill out the Registration Form

  • Complete the project (apps and websites). Submissions are reviewed everyday!

  • Project submissions options:

• Website link

• Published application to either Apple App Store or Google Play Store

• Proof of app (photo) in the process of being published to App or Play Store

  • Upload mobile & web application links through the Submission Form


  • Quality of the Project
    Includes creativity and must be solving a crucial problem or pain point in any enterprise.

  • Implementation of the Idea
    Includes how well voice and usage of Alan Platform were executed by the developer.
    The extent of the multi-modal (visual and voice coordination) experience implemented.

  • Potential Value
    What is the extent to which the app provides value to the users?
    How robust is the experience for the users?
    Is voice a necessity for the application or just a nice feature?